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OBD II Fault Code P1401 :

Description of OBD II Fault code P1401


Possible failuer of OBD II Fault code P1401

  • EGR valve (Close stuck)
  • EGR cooler hose blockage
  • Turbo Charger Boost Control Solenoid negative pressure hose
  • Turbo Charger Boost Control Solenoid
  • Turbo body stuck

Diagnostic Procedure using AutoHex auto Scan tool tester

  • The FRP Sensor input voltage is detected less than 249.267 mV over 200 ms.

Test Conditions using AutoHex Scan tool tester

  • Continuously

Clear Fault codes Conditions

  • The FRP Sensor input voltage is detected less than 249.267 mV over 200 ms.

MIL Status

  • Check Engine Light ON


  • AutoHex is a professional OBD /OBD II diagnostic scanner / scan tool tester.
  • This fault code is a GERENRIC fault code, some cars may change the meaning of this fault code.
    To get the accurate fault code description you may use AutoHex OBD scanner

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