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AutoHex: Auto Diagnostic Scan Tool

AutoHex Diagnostic Scan Tool
AutoHex Diagnostic Scan Tool
AutoHex scan tool is innovative, heavy duty, user friendly and cost cutting, designed to perform professional diagnose tasks.
AutoHex offers professional software and hardware, fast communication, and ease-of-use to make your job faster, efficient, and to take your on-board diagnostic capabilities into the future.
Main Features:
  • Full coverage for car systems, including engine, transmission, ABS/ESP, body controls, instrument, airbag, door, seat, air conditions and many others
  • A fully equipped Windows CE operating system to attain the latest technologies used in embedded systems.
  • User friendly, easy to use diagnostic software, rich of graphical user interfaces.
  • All types of on-board car communications protocols are available in Autohex to ensure the standing with future cars models
  • A heavy duty hardware designed for this scan tool to serve in a tough environment like in workshops where no control on temperature, humidity, or power supply from the car.
  • Industrial 10.4” VGA true color LCD screen with accurate touch screen for easy program navigation.
  • Thee fast processors included in AutoHex Scan Tool, they work simultaneously to generate the best performance
  • Easy and fast way to do the car diagnostic software online update, just plug Autohex Scan Tool into the Internet.
  • Stand alone solution to serve as a diagnostic scan tool, also Autohex works as a personal tablet (Microsoft office, Pdf reader, Internet explorer and more are included in AutoHex).
Why AutoHex Scan Tool
  • Professional Scan Tool: AutoHex is the best choise for workshops seeking for professional scan tool that provides service to German, Japanse, European and Korean cars.
    Currently AutoHex tests the following cars: Mercedes Benz, BMW, VW, Audi, Toyota, Nissan, Honda, Peugeot, Citroen, Renault, Kia and Hyundai.
  • Software: Microtronik engineers designed the Diagnostic software for Autohex based on latest software and hardware technologies.
  • Operating System: Microtronik is the only manufacturer of auto scan tools who design the operating system, Microtronik is an OEM partner to Microsoft for embedded systems.
    The engineers designed and configured Windows CE to support mainly the diagnostic scan tool functions.
  • Hardware: Microtronik is the only manufacturer of diagnostic scan tools who design the total hardware from A to Z, including operating system modules, communications modules, and power management modules.
    The engineers idea is to design all scan tool modules combined together to serve the diagnose tasks.

AutoHex Scan Tool Details

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