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About Microtronik

Since 2000 our team has been involved in sales, servicing and marketing of well-known car diagnostic tools.
In 2005 we came to an idea to develop our own up-to-date, quality and cost-efficient solution to meet our customers’ demands.
Our high-skilled programming specialists, hardware engineers, designers and other experts gathered in 2005 to resolve complicated technical problems, engineering and manufacturing tasks they had faced before.
All of them shared a simple idea – diagnostic equipment should be designed and manufactured by people who are aware of exact end-user needs and having vast experience in car repair as well as soft and hardware developing.
This idea defined the aims and tasks of our activity: designing, manufacturing and marketing car diagnostic equipments meeting the latest technical, operational, ergonomic and, what is quite important, price standard.
At the present time Microteonik is rapidly developing, improving performance and at the same time increasing efforts on designing new diagnostic solutions and sophisticating production process.
The company team grows both in quantity and professionally. The results achieved by the company make us look forward with confidence which we hope to share with our valuable customers.

Autohex II Reviews
Autohex II Reviews
Find out Autohex II user's impressions about using this tool for BMW advanced services
AutoHex II
AutoHex II
AutoHex II is your best choice to have full access to dealer functions like coding, adjusting and modules flashing/programming, Contact us for prices