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Adaptive Headlights (AHL)

Main unit location
Main unit location
Adaptive Headlights (AHL)

E46 / All models only with special equipment 522 and 524
Provisional launch dates for option package Special equipment 524 (Adaptive headlights):
- E46 Facelift and E46 Convertible: 03/2003
- E60: 07/2003
Adaptive headlights will be released in the European market, the UK and the USA to coincide with the launch of the E60 (in Germany, the system has been granted special TÜV approval).
For Japan, approval is in the course of preparation).
- E65, E63, E53, E83: 09/2003




Special equipment 524 is only available in conjunction with Special equipment 522.
Special equipment 524 (Adaptive headlights) can only be ordered in conjunction with Special equipment 522 (Bi-xenon main and dipped-beam headlights).
Special equipment (Bi-xenon main and dipped-beam headlights) will only be supplied together with Special equipment 502 (Headlight cleaning system) in countries subject to EU approval.
The development designation for adaptive headlights was (ALC), which stood for (Adaptive Light Control).
The marketing and sales designation of Special equipment 524 for English-speaking countries is (Adaptive headlights), abbreviated to (AHL).
In the diagnosis functions and in the technical vehicle documentation, the abbreviation AHL is used for the adaptive headlights system and its control unit. Some control units, however, are still marked (ALC).

The adaptive headlights system turns the main-beam and dipped-beam headlights towards the inside of a bend when cornering. This improves illumination of the curve of the road. Visibility is therefore improved.
When cornering, the driver is not looking into a (black hole) instead; the adaptive headlights allow the driver to see the curve of the road.


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