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EWS III (3.3) system

EWS III (3.3) is installed in the 1998 E38 from 5/97 production, in the 1998 E39 from 9/97 production, in the E46 beginning of production, in the E52 and E53 beginning of production.

Purpose of the System

The purpose of the EWS III (3.3) system is to add greater theft protection by providing a higher level of sophistication than previous systems. The new “Rolling Code” provides an additional theft deterrent through a changing of the ISN every time the vehicle enters the start sequence.
Components changes in the EWS III (3.3) system include:
• EWS III (3.3) Control Module.
• DME Control Module.
• Transmission Range Selection Input.

Changing Dmaged DME in F Series
Describe the purpose of the EWS III (3.3) system and its main components.
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Autohex II Reviews
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