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EWS III D System functions

System components
System components

EWS III D is installed on E36/7 beginning of production 99 Model Year. The system does not have a K-Bus input.

Purpose of the System

The purpose of the EWS III D system is to provide the highest level of drive away protection available to vehicles without a K-Bus. The input side of the control module functions the same as an EWS II (no bus inputs) system with the exception of an integrated EWS module and transmitter/receiver module. The output side functions similar to an EWS III (3.3) system with (Rolling codes). The EWS III D control module is on the D-Bus for diagnostics.
Individual component inputs and system operation is the same as the mentioned previous systems.

Replacement Procedures

Up to 6 additional keys may be ordered as replacement keys. The EWS III D control module is codeable for only 10 keys (4 delivered with vehicle and 6 replacements).

EWS III D Control Module
Replacement EWS III D Control Modules are ordered VIN specific. The module is received with the same (Rolling Code Table) as the original module.
Once ZCS codes, AutoHex scanner software (resets) the current rolling code in the DME back to (Rolling Code) #1, providing synchronization of both modules.

DME Control Modules
Replacement DME Control Modules are (off the shelf) and must be programmed for the specific vehicle. After programming AutoHex scan tool software informs the EWS III D control module that a new DME has been installed. The next time the ignition is switched on, the
EWS III D module will send the entire (Rolling Code Table) to the DME and reset it to (Rolling Code).
The DME will automatically burn the (Rolling Code Table) into its memory. Once the table has been burned into the DME memory it can NOT be changed. For this reason once a DME is (Married) to the vehicle it will not work in any other vehicle.
Under certain condition (Alignment) of the DME and EWS III D modules may still be necessary.
The alignment procedure only resets the code table to code #1 it does not change the (Rolling Code Table).

Key Activation
Keys that are lost or stolen may be deactivated or made to not operate the starter functions.
The SERVICE FUNCTIONS of AutoHex diagnostic scanner for EWS III D contains a (bar/release code) function that activates and deactivates keys of the EWS III D. Any key may be “Barred” except the key in the ignition at the time of deactivation. The lost or stolen key can be identified by the identification of the remaining keys.
There is no limit to the number of times a key can be activated/deactivated.


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