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Height-level calibration EHC E39/E53/E65/E61

location of EHC control unit
location of EHC control unit
Height-level calibration EHC E39/E53/E65/E61

After work on the air suspension system involving the control unit, correction values must be entered in the control unit. These correction values are determined and entered automatically in the control unit in this test module after entering target and actual values for the E39 and E53 as well as after entering the rim size and actual values on the E65 and E61.
Height-level calibration
Height-level calibration must be carried out after the following operations:
· Replacement of the control unit
· Replacement of one or both of the height-level sensors
· Replacement of the wiring harness
Before the height-level calibration is run, the following points must be observed:
The vehicle must be in a horizontal position.
The chassis must not be tensioned.
The air suspension must have ceased operation (to be safe, switch the engine on and off).
The supply must be ensured (check battery voltage).
During the height-level calibration, the vehicle must not be loaded or unloaded.
Before calibration, check the height once again.
The height-level calibration is run automatically after entering target and actual value (gap wheel house edge / rim flange at bottom). The target values can be found in the (Repair instructions).
After the height-level calibration, the assembly line mode is automatically deleted. Control operation starts with the engine running.

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