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Steering angle sensor functions

Steering angle sensor
Steering angle sensor
Steering angle sensor

The functioning of the DSC system and various other vehicle control systems requires knowledge of the overall steering wheel angle. The overall steering wheel angle is measured by the steering angle sensor. The software and hardware for the steering angle sensor is integrated in the steering column control center. The sensor function is the same as that of the previous sensor.
Brief description of components

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The steering-angle sensor has two potentiometers offset by 90 degrees. The steering-wheel angle determined by these two potentiometers covers one full steering-wheel turn; each of these signals is repeated after +/- 180 degrees. The steering angle sensor knows this and counts the steering-wheel revolutions accordingly.
Control module
The control module for the steering angle sensor is integrated in the steering column control center.

Describe the purpose of the steering angle sensor and its main functions.
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