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Mercedes Benz 169 - 245 Front SAM Control Unit

Location of Front SAM Control
Location of Front SAM Control
SAM control unit (N10)
SAM control unit (N10)
Front passenger-side SAM control unit
The SAM control unit (N10) in combination with the relay block in model 169.0/3 and model 245.2 is located on the control unit retaining plate in the front passenger footwell below the instrument panel.
The relay block can be separated from the control unit.
· Exterior lights including turn signal functions Model 169.0/3
· Exterior lights including turn signal functions Model 245.2
· Interior lights (IBL) Model 169.0/3 Model 245.2
· Wiper system (WSA) Model 169.0/3 Model 245.2
· Fanfare horns Model 169.0/3 Model 245.2
· Heated rear window (HHS) Model 169.0/3 Model 245.2
· Headlamp cleaning system (HCS [SRA])Model 169.0/3 Model 245.2
· Central locking (CL [ZV]) Model 169.0/3 Model 245.2
Switching of consumers
• Left front lamp unit (complete)
• Right front lamp unit (complete)
• Left/right front fog lamp (with code U37)
• Left/right side marker (in model 245 I and M only)
• Left tail lamp and rear fog lamp
• Left stop lamp (with code U58)
• Left backup lamp (with code 426)
• Left turn signal lamp
• Right tail lamp and rear fog lamp
• Right stop lamp (with code U58)
• Right backup lamp (with code 426)
• Right turn signal lamp
• Rear-end door tail lamps (in model 245)
• License plate illumination
• Center high-mounted stop lamp (with code U58)
• Rear-end door lamp (standard in model 245.2, or in model 169.0/3 with code 954 or 955)
• Load compartment lamp
• Front and rear dome lamps (without code U58, or 249, or 345, or 359, or 551, or 876, or 882)
• Footwell lamps (with code 876)
• Headlamp cleaning system washer pump (with code 614 or 615)
• Washer nozzle heater and washer nozzle hose heater (with code 875)
• Washer pump
• Central locking, fuel filler flap
• Central locking, rear-end door
• Central locking, left/right rear doors (without code 584)
Scanning of switches, pickups and sensors
• Rotary light switch
• Stop lamp switch (with code 426, or U58)
• Backup lamp switch with manual transmission
• Headlamp cleaning system switch (with code 614, or 615)
• Coolant level indicator sensor
• Windshield washer fluid level indicator sensor (with code 614, or 615)
• Left/right rear door contact switch (without code 584)
• Rear-end door lock
• CL [ZV] radio receiver (via interface)
Switching the following relays
• Wiper on/off relay
• Wiper stage 1/stage 2 relay
• Fanfare horn relay
• Rear wiper relay (in rear wiper motor)
• Heated rear window relay
• Relays 1 and 2
• Circuit 87F relay
• Circuit 15R relay
• Circuit 15R 30g relay
Voltage supply for the following control units
• Circuit 30: CL [ZV] radio receiver (plug 1)
CAN connections
• CAN link between SAM control unit and CAN-B voltage distributor (plug 1)
CAN signals
The SAM control unit (N10) is a device on the CAN-B in the overall network
Block Diagram
· 1 Panoramic lamella sliding roof OPEN/CLOSED
· 7 Rain detected
· 8 Darkness detected
· 10 Reverse gear engaged or interior lights switched on
· 13 Rear dome lamp ON/OFF
· 17 Power supply to rain/light sensor
· 21 Power supply to rear reading lamps
· 26 Power supply to inside rearview mirror unit
· A67 Inside rearview mirror unit
· B38/2 Rain/light sensor (code U58)
· E11/1 Left rear reading lamp (code 876)
· E11/2 Right rear reading lamp (code 876
· E15/3 Rear dome lamp
· M12/2 Roof motor (code 417)
· N70 Overhead control panel control unit
· CAN-B Controller Area Network bus class B (interior compartment)

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