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Mercedes Benz 216 Driver assistance Control Units

Detection rang of sensors
Detection rang of sensors
Detection rang of sensors
Detection rang of sensors
The backup camera system
The backup camera system
Backup camera
Backup camera
Park Assist (only in combination with DISTRONIC PLUS)
The new Park Assist system is installed in the CL-Class as an extended special equipment item to supplement DISTRONIC PLUS.
The Park Assist acts as a parking aid, and helps to prevent minor bumps when parking.
The Park Assist system helps the driver when parking and unparking with visual distance displays in the instrument cluster and in the rear dome lamp. In addition, the acoustic proximity warning draws the attention of driver to an imminent collision.
Vehicles with Park Assist differ from vehicles with DISTRONIC PLUS primarily in the number of short range sensors installed at the front and rear of the vehicle. In contrast to the PARKTRONIC, the sensors are integrated in the bumper and are therefore not visible.
• Two sensors at the front
• No sensor at the rear
Park Assist:
• Four sensors at the front
• Two sensors at the rear
Advanced Parking Guidance (APG)
The parking guidance system will be introduced for the first time in the CL-Class (from 12/06).
The parking guidance system helps the driver to find a good-sized parking space at the side of the road and then helps him to park there in the best possible way.
The search for a suitable parking space is performed by radar sensors located in the bumper. It is not necessary to activate the system. When driving at speeds below 40 km/h, both sides of the road are scanned for suitable parking spaces. When a suitable space is found, it is saved in memory for a distance of 15 m.
When traveling at less than 16 km/h, the parking space located is shown in the instrument cluster with a blue symbol and an arrow indicating the relevant side.
The vehicle must now be stopped at the usual parking distance from the space and reverse gear engaged.
The instrument cluster gives the driver instructions to enable him to park in the best possible way.
By default the parking guidance system only displays parking spaces on the passenger side. In order to have parking spaces on the driver side displayed too, e.g. in one-way streets, the turn signal on the driver side must be activated. This only concerns the display of parking spaces; the search for suitable spaces always takes place on both sides of the vehicle.
Vehicles with APG differ from vehicles with DISTRONIC PLUS and Park Assist in the number of sensors installed.
Advanced Parking Guidance (APG):
• Four sensors at the front
• Four sensors at the rear
Backup camera with parking assist
A backup camera is available as special equipment in the new CL-Class.
The backup camera system assists the driver when reverse parking and when backing up the car.
A color video camera with wide-angle lens is installed in the trunk lid, which registers the area immediately behind the vehicle.
The video images acquired are transmitted to the backup camera control unit.
All the functions of the backup camera system are controlled centrally by the backup camera control unit. It transmits the real time video images from the backup camera via the COMAND controller unit to the cockpit central display.
The backup camera control unit overlays guidelines on the video pictures. With the aid of these lines the driver can maneuver the vehicle until he has reached the desired parking position.
The backup camera system is activated automatically when reverse gear is engaged. The prerequisite for this is the setting "Automatic in R" in the "Assistance" menu of the instrument cluster control system. The central operating unit then provides two parking modes to choose from, with the most recently selected mode displayed as the default:
• Back-In Parking Mode (reverse parking)
• Parallel Parking Mode (parallel parking)
Backup camera
Backup camera display in COMAND display

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