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Mercedes Benz 216 Night View Assist Control Unit

Night View Assist function
Night View Assist function
Calibration of camera
Calibration of camera
The Night View Assist system

is offered as special equipment in the CL-Class.
The Night View Assist system serves to provide a visual representation of the road in darkness, with the aim of identifying people, obstructions or other objects before they become visible in the light cone of the normal headlamps.
The area in front of the vehicle illuminated with infrared light is registered by a video camera and displayed on an LCD screen in the instrument cluster.
The multifunction display in the instrument cluster changes from the standard dial-type speedometer display to the Night View Assist display with bar-type speedometer and 8-inch LCD screen with black-and white video image.
When the Night View Assist function is active, the area displayed in the instrument cluster corresponds roughly with the area visible through the windshield with the high beam switched on.
The light emitted by the infrared lamps is not visible to the human eye. So it does not disturb or dazzle oncoming traffic.
The infrared light can therefore remain switched on permanently in addition to the low beam.
Calibration of Night View Assist camera
The Night View Assist camera must be recalibrated whenever it is removed from the vehicle or is disconnected from the LVDS line.
The Night View Assist camera is calibrated via STAR DIAGNOSIS with the aid of a commercially available target.
The vehicle must be standing on a leveled surface (headlamp adjustment stand or lifting platform for chassis alignment).
The target is attached to the headlamp adjustment tester. It must be aligned horizontally with the aid of the spirit level mounted on the back. Installation instructions are included with the target.
Once the target is attached, the headlamp adjustment tester is positioned in front of the vehicle in the center immediately in front of the front bumper.
As the camera is calibrated it is not adjusted or moved in the vertical or horizontal directions because the camera is fixed in its bracket.
The image registered by the digital camera is larger than the image that can be displayed in the instrument cluster. The objective of the calibration is to use the target to align the screen display of the instrument cluster with the image registered by the camera.
The 8-inch LCD screen in the instrument cluster can only be activated when the Night View Assist camera is calibrated.
Display errors on the screen in the instrument cluster, such as vertical lines in the image, may be caused by streaks from the windshield wipers.
Care must be taken to ensure that the Night View Assist camera and the windshield are kept clean at all times.

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In this section we add some useful information about some Mercedes Benz 216 Night View Assist System and it features.
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