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Mercedes Benz 216 Suspension system Control Unit

ABC (Active Body Control)
ABC (Active Body Control)
Front axle suspension strut of ABC
Front axle suspension strut of ABC
ABC suspension system tandem pump
ABC suspension system tandem pump
ABC front axle valve unit
ABC front axle valve unit
Suspension system
The new CL-Class is equipped with ABC suspension as standard. The ABC suspension provides all-round level control independent of load with manually adjustable height and an automatic, speed-dependent lowering function.
· 1 Front axle suspension strut
· 2 Rear axle suspension strut
· 3 Tandem pump
· N51/2 ABC control unit
· Y36/1 ABC front axle valve unit
· Y36/2 ABC rear axle valve unit
Vehicle level
The vehicle regulates its height automatically depending on the current speed according to the vehicle height setting. As the speed increases, the vehicle drops by up to 10 mm. As the speed decreases, it rises to the set height.
An operating switch in the instrument cluster can be used to choose between two level settings manually:
• Normal (for normal road conditions)
• Raised (for driving with snow chains and on poor roads)
· 1 Head bearing
· 2 Hydraulic line
· 3 Steel spring
· 4 Stop buffer
· 5 Bottom valve
· 6 Shock absorber
· 7 Piston rod
· 8 Boot
Suspension tuning
The suspension tuning (springs/damping) is regulated via the selected drive mode.
Suspension tuning
The suspension tuning (springs/damping) is regulated via the selected drive mode.
The following transmission modes and suspension settings can be set via the program selector button in the front central operating unit:
· 1 Radial pistons (7 pistons arranged in a star shape)
· 2 Check valve
· 3 Suction restrictor valve
· 4 Pulsation damper
· 5 Cam with race
· 6 Drive shaft
· 7 Flange for belt pulley
General functional advantages of the ABC suspension:
• Reduced body roll
• Excellent suspension tuning and optimized handling due to vehicle-speed dependent distribution of roll moments
• Handling is adapted to suit the vehicle load
• Automatic, speed-dependent lowering of the vehicle by up to 10 mm to reduce fuel consumption.
• Raising of the vehicle via level switches in order to drive over obstacles
• Roll and pitch compensation and skyhook damping of the body
Advantages of ABC in the CL-Class compared with ABC in the predecessor model series:
• Reduction of the roll angle by 45 %
• New ABC control algorithm with rapid-response oil flow regulation
• Optimization by integration of components
• Reduction in lines and connecting points
• Optimization of existing components

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