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Diagnstic Scanner And Mercedes AIRmatic

AIRmatic Hydraulic system
AIRmatic Hydraulic system
AIRmatic function in 240
AIRmatic function in 240
Mercedes Benz AIRmatic DC system is a fully supporting air suspension system. AIRmatic DC (Dual Control) means that both the suspension and the damping can be adjusted. Additional air volume is added or removed in the suspension struts automatic raising/lowering of the vehicle level according to the road condition and driving style. This changes the spring rate.
The system provides both static and dynamic support by means of four air bellows located at the wheels.
Mercedes Benz AIRmatic system also features the following additional functions:
· The level control allows both manual and speed-responsive, automatic raising/lowering of the vehicle level.
· The electronic level control system controls the vehicle level at the front and rear axles and ensures the vehicle level remains constant according to the driving and vehicle loading conditions.
· The Adaptive Damping System (ADS) changes the damping forces according to the road conditions and driving style of the driver. The road conditions are determined by vertical acceleration pickups at the body of the vehicle. The driving style (horizontal acceleration) is calculated using the vehicle speed and turn angle. The damping is set to the sporty damping level at vehicle speeds >160 km/h.
Higher level of driving safety and ride comfort due to:
· Adapting suspension to road conditions and driving style.
· Adapting damping to road conditions and driving style.
· Low location of center of gravity.
· Low aerodynamic drag and therefore low fuel consumption.
· Less lift at front axle.
Individual adaptation due to:
· Raising vehicle level for poor road surfaces or driveways.
· 3 possible damping levels for comfortable, sporty or extremely sporty driving style.
· Driver information:
· Higher vehicle level and sporty damping level displayed by means of indicator lamps in switches.
· Warning appears on multifunction display in instrument cluster if vehicle level is too low.
Function overview
The functions of the pneumatic closed loops are controlled using the components of the electric/electronic system.
The AIRmatic control module receives input signals from the following components:
· ESP control module (via CAN
· Engine control module (via CAN)
· Transmission control module (via CAN)
· Central gateway control module (via CAN)
· Instrument cluster (via CAN)
· Steering angle sensor (via CAN)
· Comfort and SPORT switch (via CAN)
· Level adjustment switch (via CAN)
· 3 body lateral acceleration sensors
· 2 front axle level sensors
· 1 rear axle level sensor
· 1 AIRmatic pressure sensor
· Voltage supply and ground
In the AIRmatic control module, the input signals are converted into output signals for the following components:
· 4 level valves (assigned to wheels)
· 4 additional volume valves (assigned to wheels)
· 1 AIRmatic central reservoir charge valve
· 1 AIRmatic pressure reduction valve
· 4 ADS damping valves (each with 2 solenoid valves, assigned to wheels)
· Multifunction display in instrument cluster
· Indicator lamps in comfort and sport, level adjustment Switches
· Air compressor
The AIRmatic control module uses the input signals to decide which of the 4 functions must be controlled:
· Self-leveling suspension
· Level adjustment
· Additional volume cut-in and cutout

Several control functions can be processed at the same time.
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