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Mercedes Benz Diagnose By AutoHex Scan Tool

Mercedes Benz Classes
Mercedes Benz Classes
Auto Detecting Mercedes Benz
Auto Detecting Mercedes Benz
Unlike other universal Mercedes Benz scan tools, AutoHex does not only do the basic functions like read and erase fault codes; AutoHex Scan Tool Benz software can perform almost all the functions like the original dealer diagnostic scan tool.
Autohex the Automotive scan tool contains K-Line, CAN-BUS and SAE J1850 bus (both PWM and VPW) hardware and software support. In some Mercedes Benz models many control modules share information, control consumers and self diagnostics.
There are three types of vehicle communication networks and one type is dedicated diagnostic network
  • CAN B: Interior data bus (sometimes called body CAN).
  • CAN C: Engine data bus (sometimes called chassis CAN).
  • MOST: is defined as a (Media Oriented System Transport) and it is Digital fiber optic data bus which is used to insure greater durability, and it is replaces D2B Communication network.
  • CAN D: Diagnostic data bus.
AutoHex scan tool Mercedes Benz test:
AutoHex Diagnostic scan tool (Hexdiag) Mercedes Benz Software, By clicking the desired class you will enter to the second sub-menu. In Benz new cars, HexDiag will automatically start detecting the exact car model, if it succeeds, it shows the VIN/Chassis numbers, when it fails (if car doesn’t support this feature), you can select the model by Chassis Number manually. Also HexDiag will give you the ability to make a quick test which will make a full car systems scan to give status of available systems in this model with marks beside every system
Autohex II Reviews
Autohex II Reviews
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AutoHex Forum
Scan Tool Forum
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Diagnosis and Coding
Diagnosis Special Functions
AutoHex Auto Diagnostic Scanner provides rich functions for coding and adaptation, to learn more visit this section