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AutoHex Specification

Item Specification
Main unit dimensions 320 * 225 * 47 mm
Main unit weight Aprox 1850 g
Power supply voltage 10.50 to 16.00 V
Power consumption Aprox 16 watts
Usage temperature 0 to 50 C
Operating system Microsoft Windows CE
Main Processor 32 bits 200 MHz
Communication Processor 32 bits 60 MHz
Power Manager Processor 8 bits 12 MHz
Liquid crystal Industrial 10.4"" true color (16777216 colors)
Touch screen Input: Pen or Finger, operating force: 60 g max
Vehicle communication
CAN BUS Hight Speed
CAN BUS Fault Tolerance
CAN BUS Single Wire
UART (KWP and ISO9141)
Variable Puls Width (VPW)
Puls Width Modulation (PWM)
Speakers Stereo 2 Watts
Cooling Fan Double core, controlled by CPU and Temp Sensor

AutoHex DLC Connectors

Connector Name Picture Part Code Number
SAE Standard OBD II OBD II Connector 6779780001
Mercedes Benz 38 Pins mercedes benz Connector 6779780021
BMW 20 Pins bmw Connector 6779780022
Toyota 22 Pins Toyota Connector 6779780023
Nissan 14 Pins Nissan Connector 6779780025
Mitsubishi/Hyundai Mitsubishi/Hyundai Connector 6779780026
Honda 3 Pins Honda Connector 6779780027
KIA 20 Pins Kia Connector 6779780029
Main specification of Autohex scan tool, showing the weight, dimensoins, power consumption, processors, LCD, touch screen, dlc connectors, and what this scan tool connectors
Autohex II Reviews
Autohex II Reviews
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AutoHex Forum
Scan Tool Forum
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Car Technical Information
Car Technical Information
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Diagnosis and Coding
Diagnosis Special Functions
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