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EWS III (3.2) System

Replacement Procedures

Up to 6 additional keys may be ordered as replacement keys. The EWS III (3.2) module is codeable for only 10 keys (4 delivered with vehicle and 6 replacement). The keys are mechanically matched to the vehicle with the lock tumblers and electronically matched to the EWS III (3.2) through unalterable coding.

EWS III (3.2) Control Module
Replacement EWS III (3.2) Control Modules must be ordered VIN specific. The EWS III modules contain the VIN and coding from the factory to recognize the key codes. Use of
EWS III modules from other vehicles will result in the keys not being recognized.
The EWS III (3.2) control module stores the ZCS coding and must be coded at time of installation. The module must be aligned with the DME so that it stores the correct ISN.
There is no limit to the number of times the ISN may be changed in the EWS III module.

DME Control Module
DME Control Modules are (off the shelf) parts requiring programming during installation.
The ISN of the DME is not changeable and must be transferred to the EWS III (3.2) module.

Key Activation
Keys that are lost or stolen may be deactivated or made to not operate the starter functions.
The SERVICE FUNCTIONS of AutoHex Diagnostic scanner for EWS III (3.2) contains a (Bar/Release Code) function that activates and deactivates keys of the EWS III (3.2). Any key may be (Barred) except the key in the ignition at the time of deactivation.
The lost or stolen key can be identified by the identification of the remaining keys.
There is no limit to the number of times a key can be activated/deactivated.

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Describe the purpose of the EWS III (3.2) replacement procedures.
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