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EWS III (3.2) system

The 1997 Model Year E38 is equipped with EWS III (3.2) drive away protection. E39 vehicles produced 3/97 and later are also equipped with EWS III (3.2).
Purpose of the System
The major changes of the EWS III (3.2) system over the EWS II are a modified control module, revised wiring and the addition of the clutch switch input.
Output functions, starter control and ISN signal, remain the same for EWS III (3.2).
Component changes are:
• EWS III (3.2) Control Module.
• Input From The K-Bus.
• Clutch Switch.
• Transmitter/Receiver Module Eliminated.

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Describe the purpose of the EWS III (3.2) system and its main components.
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Autohex II Reviews
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