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EWS III (3.2) system

EWS III 3.2 Components
EWS III 3.2 Components
System Components

EWS III (3.2) Control Module:
The EWS III (3.2) Control Module has a 13 pin connector. The transmitter/receiver module is no longer a separate module of the system with the electronic functions for the data transfer between the key transponder and the EWS control module being handled directly by the EWS III (3.2) control module. The vehicle wiring harness has been changed to reflect this modification and to route the wiring from the ring antenna directly to the EWS III (3.2) control module.

Input From the K-Bus:
Reduction in wiring has also been accomplished with the use of the K-Bus for data communication between the GM, Door Module, IKE and the EWS III (3.2) control module. This data link provides the following signals to be communicated on one wire:
• Engine Speed.
• Lock and Unlock Requests.
• Code Function.
• Range Selector Position (Redundant Signal).

Engine Speed:
The DME outputs the engine speed (TD) signal over the CAN Bus to the IKE. The IKE uses the TD information as needed and passes it on to the EWS III (3.2) via the K-Bus.

Lock and Unlock Requests:
The lock and unlock information arrives at the GM over the P-Bus from the door module and sent via the K-Bus to the EWS III (3.2) control module. This information informs the EWS control module the lock status of the vehicle (lock/double lock). The EWS III (3.2) control module signals the GM over the K-Bus that an authorized key has been recognized and requests the doors be removed from the double lock position.

Code Function:
The code function status arrives at the EWS control module over the K-Bus. This information allows/disallows vehicle operation based on code status. If a code has been set and entered correctly during the start-up, the vehicle will operate normally based on the other inputs. Entering the code incorrectly will prevent vehicle operation.

Range Selector Position:
Range selector position is still provided directly to the EWS III (3.2) control module from the Transmission Range Selector Switch. Redundant information is provided over the K-Bus in case of loss of signal from the range switch.

Clutch Switch:
A Hall-Effect Switch is added to the clutch system to inform the EWS III (3.2) control module of clutch status. Input from the switch replaces the signal from the Trans Range Selector Switch on manual transmission equipped vehicles. High signal status indicates the clutch is depressed and vehicle starting is allowed.

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